Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Summer's Nearing Its End

  I can't believe summer has gone by this fast!  Don't get me wrong, I personally despise hot weather and bugs all over and just general sweatiness, but my daughter is a kid and kids love summer and therefore I want it to be summer longer to make her happy. I grabbed a few summery goods to put together an outfit that you can wear while it's in season.  Enjoy
Tropical Dress (worn as shirt): Vextra Co., lucky board prize (prizes rotate)
Pink Lingerie Under Top: Seldom Blue, lucky chair prize
Skirt: Antimon @ Shop Free*Style, gacha prize
Hair: Doe
Skin and Mesh Head: Genesis Lab @ Kustom9, 99L a pull
Eyes: Chop Shop
Pose: !bang

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Tootsie Tuesdays - BLOKC

This week on Tootsie Tuesday, I have a bit of sunshine for you, before we in the northern hemisphere head off into fall. Summer is almost over, but luckily our avatars are can wear what they want. I have been in a Orange, Lime Green and Yellow phase this summer in inworld. I thought these were cute, and I like that the toe of the base is a little bit oddly shaped.

These are rigged mesh, and are made to fit Slink High Feet.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Monday Morning Pinterest - Volume 9

Sileny has been so busy pinning, I didn't even bother looking for things to pin this week! See all the thngs she has been busy finding for you guys? There is so much more too. She was on a roll.

The items are things we either find on the grid, or over the net, which are free or cheap. Please enjoy the Window Shopping!

Saturday, 22 August 2015


Helena Stringer - Free*Style - Katfish

Enchantment is hosting a wonderful hunt right now, to go along side it's main event. While there has been some bad press for the main event recently, that does not mean you can't support your favorite designers, and bring them some much needed traffic to their mainstores.

This hunt is a very small one, and shouldn't take you all that long to complete. There are a few stops that are sort of tricky, due to designers scripting the hunt object, so be sure to check your objects, notecard and landmark folders. I think there was only 3 locations that were not set right, everything else will come to you in folders. Each folder will have notecard with the landmark to the next location, as well as a hint.

I decided to do something a bit different today, and threw on my new-ish Kemono avatar. The creators of content for this avatar are very generous, and I have been finding all sorts of things to customize my own.


Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Blossom Maiden in Chinook - Not Free
Mesh Avatar - Utilizator - Kemono Avatar - Not Free
Kemono Mod Skin - XM - Pink Mod 2 - L$10
Kemono Mod Eyes - Soupy - Rainbow Eyes - L$5
Whiskers - The Stringer Mausoleum -  Spunk Bunny Whiskers in Pink Shine - N/A
Mer Set - Mer-chandise Cove - Forgotten Princess Bra & Tail - Seashell Hunt for Enchantment
Headdress - Astralia - Coral Reed Headpiece n Pink/Silver - Seashell Hunt for Enchantment
Circlet - Purplemoon - Aquaria Tiara w/Texture Change Hud - Seashell Hunt for Enchantment
Necklace 1 - Glitzz - Pearl Necklace - Seashell Hunt for Enchantment
Necklace 2 - Fallen Gods Inc - Eclipse Seashell Necklace - Free Event Gift @ Enchantment

Pose by Eternal Dreams

That Dress

It wasn't the horses she was waiting for in that dress...

Friday, 21 August 2015

Mish Mash Mesh my Face

I saw this mesh head from Boataom, and had to blog it for you guys. It comes with a cosmetics hud, with 3 options, which change your eyebrows, blush and lips. It doesn't change them separately, it is all baked on one texture for the changes. I am wearing the 3rd option, as there was built in eyelashes, and it saved me from having to fit a pair.

You will have to wear mesh eyes with this head, and adjust them a little bit. I am wearing the current group gift from Maylfy.

I didn't like the shape that came in the package with the skin and mesh head, so I chose one from my collection of SL Marketplace finds. It's better suited to standardized shaping for mesh clothing, as well as your slink hands(if you have them).

***Note - The building at Boataom is set for sale for L$200. Be very careful as you are moving around and clicking. I set the landmark to the location of the gift, so follow you directional beam, of you have them on. Double check what you are purchasing, to be sure you are not buying a copy of the building.***


Shape - Shapes of Adam&Eve - Free SL Marketplace Gift
Hair - Amacci - Instore Group Gift (Free to Join)
Skin & Mesh Head - Boataom - Instore Group Gift (Free to Join)
Eyes - Mayfly - Instore Group Gift (Free to Join)
Hands - Slink - Not Free
Nail Appliers - Hello Dave - Free SL Marketplace Gift
Dress - Moonlight Inside - Instore Group Gift (Free to Join)
Necklace - Moon Amore - Free Instore Gift
Headband - Magika - Subscriber Gift

Poses can be found at Shop Free*Style, where there are a bunch of pose packs ranging from Free to L$50.

Free*Style Flickr Groups

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick note to let you know what is going on.

There have been more than a few groups on flickr that have left me feeling lacking recently. Many of these were created many moons ago, and I can only assume their moderators are no longer active enough to govern over their groups.

We here at Free*Style have had our own group for a very long time, and have a wonderful community there.

Here is a sampling of some of the free items people have placed in the group:

A few of my favorite groups have been over run with Lewd Nudes and other random, unrelated to the group content.

I have decided to open up a few of these, under our Free*Style name, not only to make my own experience better, but to also better the experience of my fellow flickr SLers.

Here are the links.

Main Free*Style Group -

*NEW* Footwear Group -

*NEW* Skins Group -

All of these are moderated. I will be posting comments on all items placed in the 2 new groups(Footwear and Skins), so you will know each was checked and why they were approved(free gift, group gift, sale items, Midnight Mania, and so on.).

I hope this helps streamline your flickr experience when freebie/discount hunting.


Helena Stringer
Co-Owner of Free*Style